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Tutorial iDempiere: Agregando nuevos paneles en iDempiere ERP

Cambiando el tema por defecto en iDempiere ERP

Pentaho en la Universidad Norbert Wiener

by Pablo A. Valdivia M. - on Dec 21st 2011 - 1 Comment

At least once a day, I’m asked by some casually-curious user for my opinion on whether or not Google+ will beat out Facebook. It’s one of those hypothetical questions that makes me roll my eyes and take slow, deep breaths. As someone who has been following the growth of both networks almost religiously for the past four months now,...

Capacitación en Pentaho – Región Lambayeque (Chiclayo)

by Pablo A. Valdivia M. - on Dec 19th 2011 - No Comments

Erin Everhart is the director of web and social media marketing at the digital marketing and web design company, 352 Media Group. Connect with her on Twitter @erinever. There are two ways to conquer web marketing: good content and even better relationships. The problem is, any SEO pro has already identified this. Try targeting blogs...