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Capacitación Ministerio Público: Pentaho Data Integration

by Pablo A. Valdivia M. - on Dec 21st 2011 - 4 Comments

A quick Google search will pull up a number of Image to CSS conversion tools but we’ve come across none as impressive as Img to CSS. I’ve personally tried the tool out on a number of complex images and each has resulted in near flawless pure HTML versions of each. Why would you favor that over an actual image? Well in many cases...

Open Talend & SugarCRM – Cargando Datos

Estrategia y Plan Nacional de Gobierno Electrónico Perú 2013-2017

Maxtrot – formación de talentos, una de las mejores academias de futbol del medio local

Tableros de Control en IDempiere ERP – Inteligencia Empresarial

by Pablo A. Valdivia M. - on Dec 21st 2011 - No Comments

Inteligencia Empresarial en IDempiere ERP When it comes to designing for mobile devices, nothing beats seeing your work on the device you made it for. But before any code is deployed, your best bet is to rely on the highest quality mockups you can find — They’ll let you take advantage of any given product, both its strengths and its...