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Yahoo Shuts Down Four Entertainment Blogs

by Pablo A. Valdivia M. - on Dec 21st 2011 - No Comments

Yahoo has shut down The Projector, The Set, The Amplifier and The Famous, four blogs covering television, movie, music and celebrity topics, respectively. The blogs announced the news on their Twitter accounts, adding that “other blogs” will be shut down as well. “As was just announced, Yahoo has decided to let @YahooProjector...

1er Congreso nacional de Planificación y Desarrollo Sostenible

by Pablo A. Valdivia M. - on Dec 21st 2011 - No Comments

Blogging is huge in South Korea, where most of the population go online everyday — through their phone, tablet device or personal computer — and local firm TNM is very much a major player in the space. Strong community The startup has built a 300 blogger strong platform of news and analysis based on partnering with some of the country’s...

Modelando Procesos BPMN con ProcessMapper en la Nube

by Pablo A. Valdivia M. - on Dec 21st 2011 - No Comments

ProcessMapper ™ es una nueva generación de software “Social BPMA ‘para el análisis de procesos de negocio y modelos muy fácil de usar, accesible a través de Facebook, Twitter o LinkedIn, y cumple totalmente con el estándar de la industria BPMN 2.0 para el modelado de procesos. ProcessMapper es perfecto para los analistas...

Judge Hits Blogger With $2.5 Million Charge for Not Being a Journalist

by Pablo A. Valdivia M. - on Dec 20th 2011 - No Comments

In a case that’s sending a frightening message to the blogger community, a U.S. District Court judge ruled that a blogger must pay $2.5 million to an investment firm she wrote about — because she isn’t a real journalist.

As reported by Seattle Weekly, Judge Marco A. Hernandez said Crystal Cox, who runs several blogs, wasn’t entitled to the protections afforded to journalists — specifically, Oregon’s media shield law for sources — because she (more…)

Kim Jong-il’s Death Spawns Odd New Meme

by Pablo A. Valdivia M. - on Dec 11th 2011 - No Comments

In the world of memes, now is apparently never too soonto instigate some laughs at the expense of someone’s death. Shortly after Kim Jong-il’s death was announced Sunday, the web swung into action, dishing out not only the usual news stories and tweets but also an odd second-generation meme. A Tumblr blog called Kim Jong-un Looking...